Coco Rocha is more selective

ICONINSIDER — Coco Rocha is more selective about the jobs she takes on now she is a mother.
The 28-year-old model – who has two-year-old daughter Ioni with her husband James Conran – would do any job when she was starting out in the industry but is pickier now she has a family to protect and provide for.
She said: “Now that I’m a mom, when it comes to campaigns and editorials, I look at the bigger story. I ask if that’s a good fit for the Coco brand, should I work with every editorial that comes my way, every brand. It’s about pinpointing what’s good.
“Early on, I would do any job that was brought to me. But then I stood back one second and realised that I didn’t have a life. My agents had lives. They could book me a job and go out to dinner with their friends and I’d be off shooting somewhere. I was overwhelmed. I started dating my now-husband and realised that I was enjoying life a lot more.
“I didn’t want to be consumed by my career. Now we have a baby girl and that’s what grounds me. I travel as much as I can with my family. My hair and make-up team are people that I absolutely love, who make me laugh. We’re not curing cancer. We’re going to do our jobs, doing it well, and realise we can have fun.”
And Coco finds it “a lot easier to say no” now she is older.
She added: “As you grow up, it’s a lot easier to say no. It was a bit overwhelming when I was younger. But people respect me for it. They understand completely.”
Many of Coco’s friends are models, too, but she admits that can make it difficult for them to see each other because of their jet-setting schedules.
She told Prestige: “I’m friends with a lot of them but it’s hard to see each other because of all the travel. We might be together for many days and then not see each other for a long time. It’s the name of the game.
“So it can be frustrating to be friends with other models. Our schedules change by the minute. It’s different with my friends from home. I went back for a wedding recently and it was exactly the same. It was like we’d never been apart.”

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