James Argent quits TV to pursue music career

James ‘Arg’ Argent is putting his TV career on hold to become a singer.
The 32-year-old star – who is best-known for appearing on ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ – has revealed he’s quit reality TV to become a full-time singer in Marbella, Spain.
Arg shared: “As much as I love doing all the stuff on TV, I’m really passionate about and my bread and butter is my band and all my singing gigs.”
Arg and his band are currently prevented from gigging due to the coronavirus pandemic in Spain.
But the TV star can’t wait to return to the stage, describing performing alongside The Arg Band as his “passion”.
He told MailOnline: “Where I’ve been away for a few months, I haven’t seen the band.
“The moment I landed back we went straight into lockdown. All of our gigs have either been postponed or cancelled.
“I’m at home in lockdown gutted because I really want to crack on with the gigs.
“I’m so excited to perform and do shows with the boys. That’s what I love now, that is my passion. It’s also my career now.”
Arg’s life has been transformed since he checked into a rehab facility in Thailand in 2019, where he was treated for alcohol and substance abuse.
And he now can’t wait to fly out to Spain to perform at celebrity restaurant Olivia’s, which is owned by his former co-star Elliott Wright.
He said: “I’m really praying I can get back out to Marbella and Olivia’s because that’s where I feel happiest.
“I am hoping to get out there the start of July. I am praying and holding out that we can start performing at Olivia’s the start of July.”

Source: IconInsider.com

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