Janet Street-Porter vows to continue working despite government advice for over 70s

Janet Street-Porter will continue to appear on ‘Loose Women’ this week, despite government advice for over-70s to self-isolate following the coronavirus outbreak.
The 73-year-old TV presenter insists it is an “infringement of human rights” to prevent those over 70 from leaving their homes if they “have no symptoms, a normal temperature and no cough”, amid the pandemic.
She said: “I haven’t lived my life being frightened and I am not going to start now. By far the majority of people who have died from this virus already had existing health problems – respiratory conditions, high blood pressure, long term conditions meaning they had limited mobility and were already on other medication.
“If people over 70 are fit and don’t fall into that category, have no symptoms, a normal temperature and no cough, then to prevent them leaving their homes, going shopping and walking and maybe popping in to work if they are careful, is an infringement of their human rights.
“I will appear on ‘Loose Women’ twice this week, although I cancelled another programme because it involved travelling to a studio in the rush hour. Isn’t it amazing? I can actually plan risk-limitation all by myself!”
Janet insists it is her choice if she wants to continue working, claiming it is “inhuman” to deny her freedom of choice.
In a column for MailOnline, she wrote: “I must accept that – if we get sick – my generation are more likely to end up in hospital than young people, and could place an unacceptable burden on the NHS at a time when they are stretched to the limit.
“I understand the logic, but house arrest is a big ask for the Me Generation. If I choose to continue working, surely it’s my choice.
“To deny my freedom of choice is inhuman. As a policy it’s doomed to failure simply because it’s impossible to police with our reduced force – unless someone has invented pensioner-detecting drones.
“Go ahead and fine me, I am ready.”

Source: IconInsider.com

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