Jack Whitehall discovers couple having sex during show

Jack Whitehall has been left mortified after discovering a couple were kicked out of the audience at one of his recordings for having sex during the show.
The comedian was filming a Christmas special show with his dad Michael at the London Palladium when the two audience members decided to strip down and do the deed, leaving Jack in shock when he heard about the act.
Taking to Twitter on Monday (30.09.19), Jack wrote: “OH MY GOD. I have just been informed that during the recording of my christmas show with my father at The London Palladium a couple were kicked out of the theatre for having sex during the show.
“Who gets horny watching my dad tell anecdotes about Elaine Stritch!? (sic)”
Jack, 31, and his father have become a popular double act over the years, having fronted the Netflix series ‘Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father’ since 2017.
The show has aired for three series, with series one taking place in South East Asia, series two in Europe, and series three – which aired two episodes last month – in America.
Speaking on the show’s popularity, he said previously: “What I think is fun about watching the show, and the reason I hope people enjoy it, is even if you’re from a very different background or from somewhere else in the world, there is a lot we can all relate to when it comes to the relationship with a parent. Being embarrassed by them, or not wanting them to do certain things whenever they are abroad and around total strangers. All of these, I think, are things everyone can recognise in their own relationship with their parents.
“He is a huge influence on me, not only on my sense of humour, but also in terms of giving me career advice. He’s reached that age in his life where there’s no filter anymore and he doesn’t give a s**t what anyone thinks. That can be quite useful when you want unbiased advice.”

Source: IconInsider.com

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