Yoko Ono: I’m part of the ‘younger generation’

ICONINSIDER — Yoko Ono considers herself part of the “young generation”.
The 84-year-old artist – who is the widow of Beatles legend John Lennon – is excited about the future because she thinks people are very wise.
She said: “It excites me that the young generation is very wise. And I include myself in that.”
Yoko is an avid user of social media because she finds it an effective and efficient way to communicate to many people at once.
She said: “[Twitter] communicates so quickly to so many.
“When you read ‘Grapefruit’ there are instructions for pieces where you can see I envisioned a life like that already.”
However, she admitted she isn’t thinking about audiences when working on her art.
Asked how she keeps her vision fresh and connected to global audiences, she said: “I do not try to, I’m just talking to the universe.”
While the peace activist has been cited as an influence by many artists, she insists that she has never admired or taken inspiration from other people.
She said: “I don’t remember admiring any artist and couldn’t say that I love any. What inspires me most is nature that surrounds us and nature that does not surround us.”
Yoko believes all her work has been “important” but that was never her intention.
She told Bazaar Art magazine: “I don’t really know what made me go through this kind of life. Almost nothing was done with the idea to become important. It came naturally to me to be dated by men, but there are nice people too amongst men.
“But what I have done, by looking back at it, you can say that accidentally, it was important. For me and for my friends, for the world.”

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