Rupert Grint wants to reboot Lost

ICONINSIDER — Rupert Grint would love to star in a reboot of ‘Lost’ after recently getting into the drama – seven years after its conclusion.
The ‘Harry Potter’ actor – who starred as Ron Weasley in the big screen adaptations of J.K. Rowling’s wizard novels – is a latecomer to the show, which ran from 2004 to 2010 and followed survivors of a plane crash left on a mysterious tropical island, but he cannot get enough of the programme.
Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: “I always watch these things long after they’re cool – I’m watching ‘Lost’ at the moment, it’s so good, so good.
“It’s fantastic … definitely, yeah, I’d love to [get involved in a reboot]. It looked like a fun thing to be a part of. Hawaii’s beautiful.”
Rupert, 29, has made his intentions clear without even finishing the show yet, but even on the penultimate series he has fallen in love with the unpredictability and “depth” of the programme.
He added: “The depth of it – you think you know where it’s going, but I cannot predict it at all. It’s ridiculous, I’m on season five now and it’s so confusing. The characters are so well formed, I’m really enjoying that.”
However, any fans hoping he’ll take a step back into fantasy by joining the cast of ‘Game of Thrones’ for its eight and final series will be disappointed, as Rupert – who has recently appeared in moon landing conspiracy comedy ‘Moonwalkers’ – is keen to avoid the genre.
He explained: “I’ve always been a fan of fantasy, but I think Potter put me off a bit – after being in that world for a while, I needed reality. But it’s fun, it’s a real escape – I’ve always got a kick out of that.”
One series he does have his eye on is a TV adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ ‘A Clockwork Orange’, although he admitted it could be difficult to get the violent dystopian story of attempted redemption through extreme therapy onto the small screen.
He said: “I love Stanley Kubrick, I love everything he does. I love ‘A Clockwork Orange’, though I don’t know how it could be a TV series, but I love that character [Alex].”

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