Prince Harry: Young people have made me optimistic

ICONINSIDER — Prince Harry says young people have turned him “into an optimist”.
The flame-haired royal feels very positive about the future as he feels the younger generation are the key to “some of the world’s biggest problems”.
Speaking at the Obama Foundation summit in Chicago, he said: “They’ve turned me into an optimist. They gave me all of my passion and inspiration. The younger generation … are the best connected, the most passionate I think we’ve ever had. So what we need to do is we need to create a platform so they can be heard, because they have the solutions to the some of the world’s biggest problems.”
It comes after Prince Harry – who is dating ‘Suits’ actress Meghan Markle – used a recent speech to encourage young people to “look up from their phones” and go out and “change the world”.
He said: “The thousands of you gathered here are proof that today’s generation of young people is the most connected, most energised, and most confident the planet has ever known. You know that differences of opinion, of circumstance, of race and religion – are to be respected and celebrated. You know that in a clickbait culture, we cannot waste time sharing and drawing attention to things that make us angry, or that we know to be false. You all know that it’s great to ‘like’ things on social media, but that it’s more important to look up from our phones, to get out into our communities, and to take real action; to stand up for what you believe in.”

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