Prince Harry has praised his late mother Diana

ICONINSIDER — Prince Harry thinks his late mother Princess Diana had “a lot in common with everybody”.
The 33-year-old royal lost his parent in 1997, but the red head thinks the late Princess of Wales shared similarities with the public.
Speaking about his relative, he said: “I think she had a lot in common with everybody but also she certainly listened.”
And Harry has likened Diana – who was married to Charles, the Prince of Wales, for 15 years before they split in 1996 – to a “vacuum” because she used to listen to everyone and absorb all of the information she was told.
He continued: “In a very, very short space of time she was like a vacuum going around, sucking up all the information, all the criticism, all the issues, all the positives and negatives from everybody, then putting her name and her platform toward the bigger issues that had never been talked about.”
Harry believes “some problems” in the world are “so big” that people do not want to be involved in them, but he thinks his mother was the anomaly and was willing to “change that” and take action to try and make a difference.
Speaking at the Obama Foundation’s inaugural summit, which has been reported on PEOPLE, he said : “In society we suffer from this illusion, or reality, that some problems become so big that nobody wants to get involved. She was the one that changed that.”
And Harry has admitted both him and his older brother the Duke of Cambridge, 35, are “incredibly proud” of their mother’s achievements.
Speaking previously Harry said: “[We are] incredibly proud of what our mother achieved.
“I believe that she would be telling everyone across society – not just those most at risk – that with effective treatment being free and available in the UK, that we must all embrace regular testing – both for our own sake and for those that we love.”

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