Prince Charles gets hands on with a vacuum cleaner

ICONINSIDER — Prince Charles threatened to vacuum a reporter’s “dirty trousers” as he got hands on with a Dyson hoover.
The 68-year-old royal tried out the company’s cordless V8 Absolute as he visited Dyson’s Singapore Technology Centre during his tour of the Asian country.
Joking with one reporter, he told them that they had “dirty trousers” and then went to pretend to vacuum them, earning a laugh from those that had gathered.
Scott Maguire, Dyson’s global engineering director, also revealed the Prince of Wales was very interested in the technology behind the vacuum cleaner as well as the people who worked there.
He said: “I think it was great, he was up for using it and wanted to get hands on. He was also pretty keen on the technology inside it. It was a great visit, he was pretty focused not only on all the technology Dyson is developing and innovating, from batteries to robotics, but spent a lot of time with our staff, wanting to know where they were from and what types of engineers we have.”
During their visit to Singapore, the Duchess of Cornwall also got hands on, when she took part in a painting lesson. She used traditional Chinese brushes to draw a horse and impressed the class’s teacher with her skill.

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