Prince Charles: Commonwealth is ‘pivotal’ in changing the world

ICONINSIDER — Prince Charles believes the Commonwealth has a “pivotal” role in solving global issues such as climate change.
The 68-year-old royal is known for campaigning for awareness about climate change, and he has now called upon the Commonwealth – which is an intergovernmental organisation of 52 member states – to aid the “resolution” of a number of global issues.
Prince Charles was speaking at a Kuala Lumpur gala dinner celebrating 60 years of UK-Malaysian diplomatic relations when he highlighted problems including overpopulation in cities and the threat to the world’s oceans, which he believes could be greatly improved by the Commonwealth.
He said in his speech: “For the resolution of all these issues, the Commonwealth should, and does, have a pivotal role to play.
“Representing a third of the world’s population and a fifth of its land-mass, it can draw on a uniquely wide range of national contexts, experiences, traditions and, above all, professional associations – something, of course, which makes the Commonwealth unlike anything else in the world – for the solutions that we all so desperately need now.”
Charles’ comments come after he recently claimed due to the increase of waste pollution in our seas, the world could soon see a time where every fish that is eaten will contain plastic.
speaking at the Our Ocean Conference in Malta last month, he said: “As many of you know so well, the eight million tonnes of plastic that enter the sea every year – through our own doing I might add – is now almost ubiquitous.
“As the Prime Minister said, f or all the plastic that we have produced since the 1950’s that has ended up in the ocean is still with us in one form or another, so that wherever you swim there are particles of plastic near you and we are very close to reaching the point when whatever wild-caught fish you eat will contain plastic. Plastic is indeed now on the menu!”

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