Phillip Schofield would do I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

ICONINSIDER — Phillip Schofield would “absolutely” do ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’.
The ‘This Morning’ host has admitted he’d jump at the chance to take part in the creepy-crawly show because he’d be willing to chow down on the critters and get stuck into the gruesome Bushtucker Trials, but only if bosses agree to exchange the metal Billy Cans for wooden bowls.
Speaking on the brunch time show on Tuesday (07.11.17), the 55-year-old presenter said: “I would do it. Absolutely. All of that stuff, I could eat all the business and do all of that. But you know why I can’t do it? Because they all have metal Billy Cans and metal spoons and metal on metal goes right through me. It’s like nails on a blackboard – I can’t do it. If they made them out of wood then it’s a possibility. I never say never to anything but what happens if I end up with someone I can’t stand? There aren’t many but there are a few.”
However, fellow presenter Piers Morgan isn’t as keen to slip into his jungle gear and head into the Australian outback as he has admitted he’s been “offered lots of money” to do the show before, but no amount of cash could persuade him to eat bugs on national television.
Speaking on ‘Good Morning Britain’ this morning, Piers, 52, said: “I normally win. I don’t believe in losing, I don’t like it. I’ve been offered lots of money for these things, to go and eat bugs. They say: ‘Hey, do you want to go to a jungle in Australia and eat kangaroo testicles as Ant and Dec mock you?’ – no thanks. Why would I do that? Then they say they’d give X amount and you’re like ‘please, add a couple of noughts.’ So they do then you’re like ‘no thanks.’ ”

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