Peter Andre and Princess’s rabbit killed by fox

ICONINSIDER — Peter Andre and Katie Price’s daughter Princess has been left “devastated” after a fox killed her pet rabbit.
The ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer – who has Junior, 12, and Princess, 10, with ex-wife Katie and Amelia, three, and 11-month-old Theo with his wife Emily – and his spouse have had their garden repeatedly invaded by the wild animal and after carrying out some annoying damage to Pete’s belongings, it turned killer when it broke into the hutch where Princess’ bunny Snowy lived.
Speaking in the new issue of OK! magazine, Emily revealed: “At home we’ve been dealing with a fox in our garden. Not only did it poo in my gardening shoes, it chewed both my Barbour wellies. I don’t treat myself very often so I was really annoyed.
“The fox also unfortunately killed Princess’ rabbit Snowy after breaking into its cage. She was absolutely devastated and she wrote him a note and we buried him in the garden.”
To cheer Princess up, Peter and Emily ensured that Princess could spend as much time with her other rabbit Caramel.
Emily added: “Luckily, she still has caramel and we’ve bought him a lead so she can take him out in the garden, which made her feel better.”
And the 28-year-old doctor is urging Peter, 44, to take drastic measures to keep the ferocious fox away – by urinating in their garden.
She said: “Male urine apparently keeps foxes away. I’ve told Pete he has to sort that out!”
‘Behind Closed Doors’ hitmaker Peter was recently criticised on social media for claiming he wants to be his children’s best friend and though he insisted he is still a parent “first”, he wants his brood to be able to talk to him about anything.
He said: “First and foremost, you’ve got to be a parent. I had a Greek upbringing and couldn’t talk about a lot of things with my parents but I had my brothers. Not everyone has siblings. I install the same strictness but I also want them to know that they can talk about anything.”

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