Nina Nesbitt’s style icon is Debbie Harry

ICONINSIDER — Nina Nesbitt’s style icon is Debbie Harry.
The 23-year-old singer and songwriter has admitted the 72-year-old music legend’s music and fashion sense resonated with her when she was younger, because she felt the Blondie band member fashion sense was a mix of being “girly” but “more punk” with “an edge and an attitude”.
Speaking to The Debrief about the ‘Rush Rush’ hitmaker, the Scottish star said: “I resonated with [Debbie’s music and fashion style] because it wasn’t just girly, it was more punk, and it had more of an edge and an attitude.”
Nina loves the fact people can “express themselves” through the garments they wear, but she has admitted she would never have “the balls” to pull off the outfits Lady Gaga wears.
The ‘The Best You Had’ artist said: “Fashion and music go hand-in-hand: it’s so important to build your own brand, as your image is just as important as your music – [artists like] Lana Del Ray have really shown that. I wouldn’t have the balls to do a Lady Gaga style, but I love that people can express themselves through fashion.”
Although Nina believes fashion and music go “hand-in-hand” she has admitted her style didn’t complement her music, which has encouraged her to change her style to reflect her songs.
She explained: “I was wearing leather studded jackets, but I was playing acoustic folk music, so it was quite a weird mix. People must have looked at me and thought, ‘she must be in a rock band’. So for my second album, I’ve definitely made a conscious effort for everything to be really cohesive.
“There is more pressure on us [women] to have a ‘look’, especially when you’re trying to establish yourself [in the industry]. But, I think that as long as you have a distinct voice and personality, you can kind of dress how you want.
“[Nina used to be] very against wearing anything sexy – I thought people would judge my music or judge me. But I think as you grow up, you realise that actually, if you want to dress sexy there’s nothing wrong with that – it’s your prerogative as a woman to dress however you want. Now that I’ve grown up, I’ve realised that it’s alright to feel powerful and attractive. You don’t have to dress yourself down.”

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