Miguel doesn’t appreciate Prince comparisons

ICONINSIDER — Miguel doesn’t like being compared to the late Prince.
The 31-year-old singer accepts it is a “huge compliment” to be likened to the ‘Purple Rain’ hitmaker – who tragically passed away in April 2016 at the age of just 57 – but he believes he has his own unique qualities that people have yet to discover and he doesn’t want to simply be a “reminder” of the music legend.
Speaking to The Sun Online, the ‘Adorn’ hitmaker said: “I think it’s obvious he’s a major influence but I think there’s also things about me that are uniquely mine that aren’t coming from his vibe. Being a reminder of Prince is a huge compliment. But no one will ever be that I don’t want to be that. It’s a bit of both, being flattered but like, ‘Hey, there’s more.’ Hopefully that’s enough to get you to listen more and go, ‘OK I see where he’s different.’ ”
Miguel – whose full name is Miguel Jontel Pimentel – has collaborated with Mariah Carey, Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott on tracks in the past, but the musician has revealed he is “pretty picky” about who he joins forces with to make music.
He explained: “I’m pretty picky. I don’t have a reason for why. I’ve only collaborated with a handful of people. I think I’m more open to collaborations now.”
And Miguel – who is in a relationship with Nazanin Mandi – has praised Dua Lipa, who he worked with on ‘Lost In Your Light’, as a fantastic singer who has a “great work ethic”.
Speaking about the British pop star, he said: “She’s one of the coolest girls. She’s always got a great vibe around her, consistently positive and
effortlessly cool and fun to look at … She’s beautiful. You don’t expect her voice to be like that. All of that together is just … on top of that she’s got a great work ethic. I love and respect her.”
Miguel has revealed his new music on upcoming album ‘War and Leisure’ addresses some political issues, but will also touch on “new territories” that will surprise his fans.
He said: “I wouldn’t be myself if it didn’t make it into my music. So I think you’ll hear it sprinkled around the album. None of the songs, with the exception of ‘Told You So’. They’re more like the leisurely side, whereas the other songs may not feel dark or heavy but are clearly mentioning some events. I think there are new territories. They’re definitely still me but there’s gonna be some in the fan base like, ‘I wasn’t expecting that.'”

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