Meghan Markle’s birth was the greatest ‘gift’

ICONINSIDER — Meghan Markle’s birth was the greatest “gift” for her family.
The 36-year-old’s half sister, Samantha, has admitted the arrival of the ‘Suits’ actress was a memorable moment for her, as she remembers the instant Meghan was born she was “so full of life” and had such a vibrant personality.
Speaking in the ITV show ‘Prince Harry and Meghan: Truly, Madly, Deeply’, which aired on Monday (06.11.17), Samantha said: “My father married her mother. It was like a gift when Meghan was born because she was so full of life and personality.
“She was always giggling and around the holidays it was wonderful. In our minds it was a beautiful inter-racial family.”
But Samantha believes Meghan – who is currently dating Prince Harry – was none the wiser to the “separation” in the family.
She said: “I don’t think Meghan ever really noticed there were two households. I don’t think she felt a separation.”
Samantha has hinted she knew the ‘Suits’ actress would have a successful career as an actress, as she used to be “a handful of characters”.
She said: “We were a very animated family, by the time she was six or seven she was involved in an acting studio in Hollywood. From early on, Meghan was a handful of characters busting to get out.”
Not only has Meghan’s sibling hailed her an upbeat child, but she has revealed her relative was always “prim and proper” when they were growing up, and so it came as no surprise to Meghan’s relative that she is dating a member of the royal family.
She said: “She’s very very classy, reserved, elegant and educated. She was prim and proper even when she was a child.”

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