Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan’s secret meets

ICONINSIDER — Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan speak “20 times a day”.
The 30-year-old television presenter – who has recently relocated to America to co-host the US show ‘Extra’ – has admitted him and his 30-year-old wife meet up more often than people know about, and even if they are not in the same country they speak multiple times throughout the day.
Speaking about his relationship with the ‘Our Girl’ actress – who has recently been filming for the BBC One programme in South Africa, Nepal and Malaysia – to The Sun Online, the former ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star said: “We speak 20 times a day. We see each other more than people know. I’ve flown there. She’s flown here.
“She’s my wife – the most special person in the world to me.”
And the dark-haired hunk is well aware other males “fancy” his spouse, but he is not threatened by anyone else because he knows him and the former ‘Coronation Street’ star will be “together forever”.
He continued: “I know men fancy her. It makes me feel good. The one thing people need to know for sure is we’re going to be together forever.”
The couple have been plagued with rumours their relationship is on the rocks but Michelle has silenced the naysayers, and she thinks the fact people can’t comprehend her marriage and love life is still going strong is “a slight degree of sexism”.
Speaking previously, the brunette beauty said: “It’s been hard enough being away anyway, but then to contend with all that. It just comes from nowhere.
“I don’t understand how a couple can’t have their separate careers, and why can’t a newly married woman go off and do her job and a husband go off and do his? I don’t understand why that’s a negative. It should be celebrated.
“I’d say there is a slight degree of sexism to it. I always think it’s good we’ve got our own careers. He’s put all his effort into that and I’m putting all my effort into this. And for me, I just find it really exciting.”

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