Mark Wahlberg had ‘so much fun’ working on Daddy’s Home 2

ICONINSIDER — Mark Wahlberg had “so much fun” creating and filming ‘Daddy’s Home 2’.
The 46-year-old actor has reprised his role as Dusty Mayron in the comedy movie, which is a follow up to the 2015 hit film ‘Daddy’s Home’, and the American hunk, who also executive produced the latest movie, has admitted he enjoyed every moment on set because it did not feel like work.
Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the production, which also stars Will Ferrell, Mel Gibson, John Lithgow and John Cena, Mark said: “It’s not work, because you’re having so much fun. The only thing that you can kind of categorise it as work is that you have to leave your family for an extended amount of time. Other than that, it’s a bunch of really talented people being very creative and having fun.”
And ‘The Fighter’ star thinks the film is such a success because he thinks families can “identify” with the mishaps that go on between relatives during the festive period.
He said: “As you see in this dysfunctional family, we all have a lot of differences but we all come together for the better of the kids. It’s interesting how many things could go wrong, especially around the holidays. Everyone can identify with that, but ultimately it’s about spending time together and sharing that.”
Lithgow has praised the creative team for their “great vision”, although he has admitted he was sceptical whether the plotline would work.
The 72-year-old movie legend said: “They have great vision, I thought the script was good, but there was an awful lot that I thought, ‘Whoa, is this going to come off? Is this going to work?’ Every one of those moments works like gangbusters — it’s like there’s no gag that fails in the whole film. You just feel like you’re in good hands.
“[Director Sean Andes] is such a terrific director of physical comedy, and these big comedy sequences that just kind of build and build and build and kind of explode. It’s like working with an expert action director on a big action thriller, except instead of a great big breathtaking scare, you get a gigantic, explosive laugh.”

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