Man accuses Kevin Spacey of making unwanted advances

ICONINSIDER — A man claims he was left “traumatised” as a teenager when he woke up to find Kevin Spacey lying on him.
The unnamed person, identified as John, which isn’t his real name, explained he had met the ‘House of Cards’ star in 1984 at a summer theatre programme when he was 16, and after exchanging letters, he was invited to spend a weekend with the actor at his New York home the following year.
John told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire the “charming and brotherly” actor took him out for dinner, and introduced him to his famous friends but things turned “icy” when he rejected Spacey’s request to share his bed in favour of sleeping on the sofa, prompting the ‘American Beauty’ star to burst into tears.
He said: “It was an icy ‘goodnight’ with the lights off. I thought I was going to be kicked out in the morning.
“As we went to sleep, he was sobbing from his bed.”
He said he felt it was an attention-seeking response in a bed to provoke a reaction, but he ignored it, and when he woke up, he found the ‘Usual Suspects’ star’s head on his stomach and his arms wrapped around him.
But John didn’t believe anything sexual had taken place.
He said: “He was in his underwear, I was fully clothed. I supposed it was some sort of New York theatre actor ‘Good morning’. ”
The pair then enjoyed a second day in New York, but once back at the apartment, Spacey allegedly became affectionate again and said he felt “misunderstood”, much to John’s horror.
He recalled: “I burst into tears because I couldn’t articulate any more what was happening to me. I was scared. To his credit, he backed off and we went to sleep…
“It seems he was grooming me. For me, I never let on that that’s what I was interested in. I never discussed it, nor did I want it.
“I was uncomfortable at best, traumatised at worst.
“He was either very stupid or predatory – or maybe a little of both.”
John decided to speak out after actor Anthony Rapp came forward to accuse the Oscar-winning actor of making advances on him when he was just 14 years old and admitted he didn’t confide in his parents or authorities at the time because he thought Spacey’s behaviour might have been “permissable” and was concerned he himself had “given off a vibe” he was interested in the star.
Following the allegations against him, Netflix have suspended production on ‘House of Cards’ – after confirming earlier this week the upcoming sixth season will be the last – and the Old Vic, the London theatre where Spacey was previously artistic director, have set up a confidential complaints process.

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