Liam Gallagher says Oasis is ‘better left alone’ due to Noel’s new songs

ICONINSIDER — Liam Gallagher says Oasis is “probably better off left alone” if his “former brother” Noel Gallagher’s new songs are the best he can come up with now.
The 45-year-old singer has made no secret of the fact that he wishes he and his older sibling Noel, 50, were still together in their former band and making music together rather than doing their own separate things.
But after hearing the tracks that have been unveiled from Noel’s upcoming third solo LP ‘Who Built The Moon?’ so far – ‘Holy Mountain’, ‘Fort Knox’ and ‘She Taught Me How to Fly’ – he thinks the guitarist has lost the songwriting ability which made them both global stars.
Replying to a fan on Twitter who tweeted him to say “I wish you could both sort things out, you obviously care about him [Noel]”, Liam replied: “If that’s all he’s got I ain’t singing that s**t oasis is probably better of left alone (sic)”
Another follower who messaged the ‘Greedy Soul’ singer with the jibe “at least he doesn’t have to hire people to write his songs” – in reference to Liam working with Greg Kurstin, Andrew Wyatt and Michael Tighe among others on his chart-topping solo LP ‘As You Were’ – received the response: “Oh he will mate very soon maybe you can write 1 for him you superstar (sic)”
Liam’s tweets came within a spree of posts seemingly addressing Noel’s recent Q magazine interview in which he stated he didn’t care if hardcore Oasis fans – who he dubbed “parka monkeys” in a reference to his brother’s Pretty Green clothing line which is so popular with their following – liked his new album, which he recorded with electronic music producer David Holmes.
Liam used his social media account – which now has 2.47 million followers – to remind Noel that he wouldn’t be in the lofty position he enjoys today without the “beautiful people” who supported Oasis.
His series of tweets read: “Gotta address the s**t that come out my former brothers mouth he’s on a journey and needs to learns things … Your your own boss you put your own records out you write your own s**t you play every instrument you mange your self your the f***ing man x
“Your f***ing rude … The only way you got to be in that position was from the beautiful people who put you there be careful I say this with love and concern LG x (sic)”

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