Kate Moss shares her career highlights

ICONINSIDER — Kate Moss “loves” being able to work with her “oldest friends”.
The 43-year-old supermodel has admitted she still enjoys her job because she is able to join forces with her pals, which always makes for a “fun” day for her.
Speaking to The Telegraph newspaper about her career, the blonde-haired beauty said: “I love the creative process and I get to work together with some of my oldest friends, so we always have fun.”
The catwalk icon has also set up her eponymous modelling agency, and she enjoys being on the “other side of the camera” and working with budding models.
Kate – who has 15-year-old daughter Lila with her former partner Jefferson Hack – said: “It’s great being the other side of the camera and helping develop new talent.”
The style icon has admitted her “maternal side” comes out when she is working with new talent because she wants to “nurture” her colleagues, instead of seeing her models “used up and tossed out” by other agencies.
Speaking previously about Kate Moss Agency, she said: “I’ve got a maternal side and I’d like to take care of them and nurture them so they grow to their full capacity in anything they’d like to do, instead of being used up and tossed out, because I think that can happen a lot with things working so quickly.”
And Kate has revealed she too received guidance and support from her friend and fellow model Naomi Campbell when she was young, and the brunette beauty would always encourage Kate to “calm down”.
She said: “Naomi took complete care of me. She’d say, ‘Calm down.’ I think because you’re alone a lot of the time, you really need guidance. Even now you’re expected to do anything to get the picture, and that’s a work ethic, but you also need a support system.”

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