Kate Moss reveals beauty secret

ICONINSIDER — Kate Moss plunges her face in a sink filled with ice and water when she wants glowing skin.
The 43-year-old supermodel has revealed when she is feeling “particularly tired” and needs to wake up her skin she will dip her head in and out of an ice-cold basin, which she sometimes adds cucumber slices to.
Speaking about her beauty regime to Selfridges.com, the catwalk icon – who has 15-year-old daughter Lila with her former partner Jefferson Hack – said: “If I am feeling particularly tired, just when I need a bit more of a glow, I stick my head in a sink full of ice and water and cucumber slices, and dip it in, come out, dip it in and come out, it kind of brings the blood to the surface or something. I don’t know but it feels like it works. Come up for breathe and then go back in.”
And the British star has revealed she takes “better care” of her skin than she used to when she was younger, and will wear any beauty products she can get her hands on.
She added: “I definitely take better care than I used to when I was a kid, but now I use all the tinctures, and the moisturisers and the eye creams, anything I can get my hands on.”
Kate partnered with the cosmetics company Decorté three years ago, but prior to joining forces with the label the fashion icon had “never heard” of the brand.
She said: “Three years ago I just got booked for a Decorté job. I had never heard of them before, because they are huge in Japan but they hadn’t come to England yet.
“I went to Tokyo and visited them there. They gave me some products and I sued them, and then I said ‘can i get some for my friends?’ and they used them, and everyone just keeps asking me for me because they actually do work and they are really, really good products. And I am really popular at the moment with my friends.
“My favourite product is the Vitality Tincture because it makes your skin look amazing. I add it to the intensive moisturiser and it just works.”

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