Julia Roberts’ life was fulfilled after redhead son was born

ICONINSIDER — Julia Roberts thinks her life was fulfilled after she gave birth to her redhead son.
The ‘Pretty Woman’ actress has three children; 12-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and 10-year-old Henry with her husband Danny Moder, and believes the secret to her happy life is marrying the “right person”, having a ginger child and gathering a group of really good friends around her.
The 50-year-old star said when asked her secret to a fulfilled life: “Marry the right person, give birth to a redhead, and have great girlfriends.”
And, although she has a highly successful career under her belt, Julia is most proud of her children because they are the “complete reflection” of the love she and Danny have.
She explained: “The thing is; we have these three human beings who are just a complete reflection of the affection we have for each other.”
Julia’s new film ‘Wonder’ is set to be released later this year and she’s about to start work on her new Amazon TV show ‘Homecoming’ but, aside from when she’s on set, she lives a relatively normal life that revolves around taking her children to soccer.
Speaking in the December issue of InStyle magazine, she said: “Our ideal days are kind of our typical days. The only thing missing is my husband, who’ll be home in a few weeks. And soccer every day. All roads lead back to Danny. And soccer.”
The ‘Money Monster’ actress celebrated her milestone birthday last month but she’s adamant her age doesn’t affect her because she can still do all the things she wants to do.
She explained: “There’s nothing different about this birthday than any other one. Really, people? Are we still in that space? Did anyone go over this with George Clooney or Brad [Pitt] before their 50th birthdays?”

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