Josh Gad would leave wife for Dame Judi Dench

ICONINSIDER — Josh Gad would leave his wife for Dame Judi Dench.
The 36-year-old actor – who has two daughters with wife Ida Darvish – admitted he has more than just a “crush” on his ‘Murder On the Orient Express’ co-star and couldn’t wait to “look into [her] eyes” on the set of the movie.
He said: “It goes beyond a crush. I flat out told my wife that if there was ever an opportunity, I would leave her for Dame Judi and the funny thing is she pretty much agreed to it. The first time she came into the make-up trailer, there as this silence because everyone was so intimidated. But – idiot that I am – I just walked over to her and said, ‘Dame Judi Dench?’ Only it came out sounding like, ‘Damn Judi Dench’. Still, that was it. It broke the ice and allowed us to look into each other’s eyes and see what was there… Pure, unadulterated love.”
Judi wasn’t the only co-star Josh was in awe of as he hugely admired the charismatic Johnny Depp, who he shared many of his scenes with.
He said: “When Johnny walks onto the set, there’s this charisma that’s just breathtaking. He was so gracious too, and threw everyone a really lavish party at his place in London.
“I’d hesitate to call it [a bromance] because I’d feel like I was cheating on Luke [Evans] – our entire relationship on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ press tour was billed as ‘the biggest of bromances’ – but also because ‘m confused about why male always get asked whether they’re having bromances.”
Josh’s most famous role was voicing Olaf in ‘Frozen’ and, as a thank you, Disney sent him a lifetime’s supply of memorabilia from the movie, much to his and his wife’s shock.
He told Glamour magazine: “This included life-sized Olaf that arrived at my house packaged like the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
“When we plugged Olaf in only to discover he could do the hula, my wife almost had a heart attack.”

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