John Barrowman was asked for a selfie just before surgery

ICONINSIDER — John Barrowman was pestered for a selfie just before he was wheeled into surgery.
The 50-year-old singer was forced to have an emergency operation to remove his appendix after he developed appendicitis, but his hospital stay wasn’t overly private as he was hounded by a fan while his nurse was securing his catheter.
Speaking on ‘Loose Women’ on Friday (03.11.17), John said: “I got to the hospital and they said I gotta go into surgery.
“When I got to go to surgery, they put me on the table for the surgery. Anyway, as I’m about to go under and they are putting a catheter in me, this guy said I love your work, can I have a selfie when you come out of surgery?
“I’m lying there, like really? I thought it was funny.”
John also admitted he thought he would never make it out of the surgery and said when he woke up he told the nurse he saw his grandmother.
He said: “All I could think of was I wasn’t going to come out of surgery. I was by myself, I didn’t get to see my husband Scott [Gill], I didn’t get to see my mum and dad, I didn’t get to see my sister.
“I was rushing in and I was thinking I’m not going to come out of this, I had to sign papers that said resuscitate and all sorts of stuff.
“Apparently when I came out of the anaesthetic, the nurse said I burst into tears and I said I could see my grandmother.”
John began to fall unwell while writing a new book with his sister at his home in Palm Springs, California, and he has recalled how his sibling started to panic because she has never seen him sick or in that kind of state before.
John said she found him vomiting in the sink and then he collapsed to the floor.
He said: “So when she came into bedroom and I was vomiting in the sink I collapsed on the floor. I couldn’t move and just said to her ‘get me to the hospital and she literally got in the car and drove me to the doctors because I wanted to see my own doctor first. She was driving and I told her to go faster and she said she was already going 80 and couldn’t go any faster.”

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