Jodie Foster: I’ve never starred in a film about women, made by women

ICONINSIDER — Jodie Foster has never made a film “about women, made by women”.
The 54-year-old actress is a veteran of the movie business, appearing in a host of hits, such as ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ and ‘Taxi Driver’, but Jodie still believes the gender bias in Hollywood remains as strong as ever.
She said: “Even with the number of movies I’ve made, I’ve never made a movie that was about women, made by women, that was seen through women’s eyes …
“I was saying recently that there was a time in my life, for 15 or 20 years, during which every single script I read, the motivation for the female character was that they had been raped or abused as a child.”
Jodie doesn’t believe the bias exists because of a conscious decision made by Hollywood studios, but she claimed there is an “idealised” attitude towards women in movie scripts.
Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Jodie reflected: “I don’t think it’s an on-purpose thing, but it’s like, ‘What can I give that woman that will feel meaningful? Oh I know – she’s been raped as a child.’ So is that the only thing they can think about us that feels deep or something?”
Meanwhile, in 2016, Jodie revealed she was harassed by a movie producer when she was just 14.
The actress said the unnamed individual tricked her into a secret meeting so he could look at her body.
Jodie recalled: “He called me at a friend’s house on the weekend where I was having a sleepover and he pretended that we had an appointment that I’d forgotten about.
“My mum was out of town. He had me come to the appointment and he was talking to me and then asked me to take my jacket off and turn around so he could see my body.”
But, Jodie subsequently added: “My agent went to his office and punched him in the face.”

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