James Corden was lucky with the ladies in NYC

ICONINSIDER — James Corden used to “pick up the women” his friend Dominic Cooper didn’t want when the pair starred in the Broadway run of ‘The History Boys’.
The two British actors were part of the cast of the Alan Bennett play which ran in New York City’s famous theatre district from April to October 2006 after a successful run in the UK.
Corden admits he and Cooper – who was his flatmate for several years – regularly went out to enjoy the night life of The Big Apple and he was able to “get laid” not only because he was in the “hottest play in New York” but also because women would always approach them because his pal is so good looking.
In an interview with the new issue of Playboy magazine, Corden said: “I can only speak for myself and say that when you land in New York, there’s no better city in the world to be if you start your working day at 7pm, finish at 10:30pm and have no responsibilities. So myself and Dominic Cooper, who’s now on ‘Preacher’, I feel like we just went out for five months. It was a phenomenal time in our lives, because you’re dropped into this little world – Hell’s Kitchen, the theatre district – which is the best 12 blocks in the world. There’s a high density of (a) dancers and (b) gay men. So if you’re young, straight, English and in the hottest play in New York City, you’re gonna get laid. That’s it! I’d basically pick up the women Dominic didn’t want, but I was more than happy with that.”
Corden and Cooper eventually settled down; ‘The Late Late Show’ host married Julia in September 2012, whilst the ‘Mamma Mia!’ actor has been in a relationship with actress Ruth Negga since 2010.
Corden and his wife have two children, six-year-old son Max and three-year-old daughter Carey, and are currently expecting their third baby.
The ‘Into the Woods’ star admits his family comes before his career and although he misses acting he’s happy that his talk show job allows him to spend a lot of time with his kids and Julia.
He said: “I love acting so much, but right now, to go home to my family means more to me than anything. At this age in my children’s lives – my son is six, my daughter is three, and there’s another child growing inside my wife as we speak – all I want is to be around them. It’s all I care about, really. I don’t know if I’m going to be lying on my deathbed going, ‘I wish I’d made one more indie film.'”

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