Giorgio Armani discusses ‘intense’ career

ICONINSIDER — Giorgio Armani says his career is “intense”.
The 83-year-old fashion designer – who founded his eponymous label in 1975 – has admitted he still loves his job because he thinks it motivates him to “keep going”, and though he has to juggle a lot he thinks his busy schedule is an “invaluable stimulus” and gives him an extra boost of energy.
Speaking to Glamour magazine, the creative mastermind said: “I like fashion because it forces you to keep going and to observe what’s going on around you. This is why I love my job and why I devote myself to it with passion. My days are really intense, but I must say that dividing my attention between many different things is an invaluable stimulus. It gives me energy.”
And the mogul has revealed regardless of his age he still faces challenges with the “same enthusiasm” he has had in him when he first started out in the business.
He explained: “I still face new challenges with the same enthusiasm I had right at the start. The motivation for this is always the same: to create something that makes a difference, that lasts over time, that responds to a need and expresses an idea of what is beautiful.”
The mogul – who has worked with a variety of stars including Richard Gere, Nicole Kidman and Viola Davis – believes creating garments is “simple yet complex” because he has to make a product that will make the wearer “unforgettable”.
He said: “My job is simple yet complex: devising a special look that enhances them and makes them unforgettable.
“Every celebrity has their own character and personality, and I work around that.”

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