Gal Gadot ‘scheduled’ pregnancy for work

ICONINSIDER — Gal Gadot “scheduled” her second pregnancy so it wouldn’t disrupt her film career.
The 32-year-old actress – who has daughters Alma, six, and Maya, seven months, with husband Yaron Versano – admitted she had wanted another child for some time but carefully planned the best time to conceive to cause minimal disruption to her work commitments.
She said: “I scheduled it so I wasn’t going to be too pregnant for ‘Justice League’ or when I promoted ‘Wonder Woman’.
“I had a lot of luck. It’s been difficult but I had wanted to have a second child for a while.”
Gal was in the early stages of her pregnancy while filming ‘Justice League’ and even though she wasn’t feeling her best, she knew she had to just get on with things.
She said: “It was challenging with morning sickness and migraines. But you adjust. You get used to feeling like s**t and having to perform.”
The Israeli star stars alongside the likes of Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill and Ezra Miller in ‘Justice League’ and felt very “safe” amongst her male co-stars.
She said: “Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince are the ones to go out and recruit the league and it’s a fun movie.
“And making the film with so many men, I’ve never felt so safe. Big men!”
The success of ‘Wonder Woman’ has seen Gal inundated with offers of work but she appreciates the fact that won’t always be the case.
She told Glamour magazine: “I’m super-appreciative because I know it’s all a big game and the rules are known in advance.
“When you’re successful, the phone will ring, if a film flops, there will be crickets. So I take everything with a grain of salt and enjoy it while it’s there.”

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