Ezra Miller is often likened to ‘a baby dinosaur’

ICONINSIDER — Ezra Miller has been told he resembles “a baby dinosaur”.
The 25-year-old actor has revealed a few of his lovers have told him he looks like a newborn prehistoric creature, and he has admitted when he is likened to the animal he never knows how to react.
Speaking to Shortlist magazine, he said: “I have been told by a few lovers that I resemble a baby dinosaur. I don’t know how to take that.”
The ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ star first opened up about his sexuality during an interview five years ago, and Ezra has admitted coming out as gay has “undamned [his] identity”.
He said: “I’ve undamned my identity in the world.”
But the ‘Justice League’ actor did not feel any “pressure” about coming out at the time.
He said: “I don’t feel pressure. Pressure would only come from a dam, or a block. And when I came out I took the block away, removed the dam.”
Meanwhile, the actor recently spoke of his excitement at appearing in upcoming DC ensemble movie ‘Justice League’ as The Flash alongside Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Batman (Ben Affleck).
And he has admitted he loved touching his co-stars props when filming for the latest installment, and he liked sitting in the Batmobile to an “orgasm”.
Speaking previously, he said: “You know what it feels like sitting in the Batmobile? It’s like an orgasm. It just ripples through your own body.
“Oh my God, I would just touch Jason’s trident all day. He’d be like, ‘Get off my trident!’
“I’ll just touch Cyborg’s glowing eye. Just gently caress the glowing eye, you know? The lasso. I was always grabbing the lasso.
“All the Bat gadgets … Man, it’s awesome. F***ing awesome.”
The full interview with Ezra appears in this week’s issue of ShortList, which is available now.

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