Emmy Rossum doesn’t own ‘any’ lip glosses

ICONINSIDER — Emmy Rossum doesn’t own “any” lip glosses.
The 31-year-old actress has admitted she prefers a “natural” aesthetic, and she doesn’t like to wear the sticky lip substance, or foundation, because she dislikes the feeling when her hair gets stuck on the cosmetic product.
Speaking to Byrdie Beauty about her cosmetic essentials, the ‘The Day After Tomorrow Star’ – who is the face of Burt’s Bees Beauty – said: “I used to do [my own make-up] a lot for red carpet, but now I do it more for every day because sometimes I get help. I usually like to start with a pretty natural look. During the day, I don’t use foundation – usually I just use a little cover-up, a pop of a bright pink blush. I don’t like lip gloss – I really don’t even own any lip gloss. I don’t like anything that’s going to kind of stick to my hair.”
Although the brunette beauty regularly applies her make-up herself, she doesn’t think she is “particularly good” at perfecting a “bold eye” look.
She continued: “I like to keep it pretty fresh and natural, and blending is everything, I think. I’m not particularly good at one thing. I can definitely do any pop of lipstick, but I’m not particularly good at any bold eye, so I just kind of keep things pretty minimal structurally and clean.”
Although Emmy doesn’t like to overload foundation on her skin, she does like to go overboard on rose-coloured blusher because she is a “blush junkie”.
The New York-born star – who is married to Sam Esmail – said: “I’m kind of a blush junkie, I’ve never been one to shy away from a bright cheek because I think it’s the first thing that can make you look immediately awake. I really like the blush.”
Emmy has revealed she also treats herself to a facial “every six to eight weeks” because she works closely with a Los Angeles based facialist.
She said: “I work with a facialist in L.A. named Shani Darden and one here in New York named Nachi who works at Mist Beauty, and so I pretty much get a facial every six to eight weeks and that kind of keeps me at a base level. Because I think of your skincare as a computer hard drive and your makeup is all the apps that you play with, but if your hard drive isn’t running very well, you can’t really play with any of the apps, so I think skincare is half of make-up. I always use SPF, eye creams–I use retinol from Shani. And other than that, I keep it pretty simple. ”

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