Dua Lipa: Women are gonna rule the world

ICONINSIDER — Dua Lipa believes women are going to “take over the world”.
The ‘New Rules’ singer is an outspoken feminist and says that anyone who doesn’t believe in equality for all is “sexist”.
The 22-year-old pop star has made a vow to educate the next generation by using her platform to preach what it is to be a feminist and to respect both men and women.
Speaking to this week’s issue of ES Magazine out on Thursday (02.11.17), she said: “It’s a crazy time in the world. Women are the f***ing future. And we’re going to take over the world. That’s really what I think. I think if you’re not a feminist, you’re sexist. Both men and women. My idea of feminism is just wanting equality. It’s just wanting women to be treated the same and to have equal opportunities. I guess we just need to teach the younger generation. Whatever I can do in my circle, however, I can use my platform to get things out – that’s the most important thing for me.”
Dua also opened up about the pitfalls of fame, one being having her privacy invaded and not being able to control what aspects of her personal life are shared with the world.
On the difference between wearing revealing outfits on stage and having her everyday appearance poured over, she said: “I do wear bras onstage all the time obviously, but I like to be able to choose what people see and what people know about me. When that’s out of my hands, it’s not so nice.”
The ‘Hotter Than Hell’ singer has been romantically linked to the likes of Harry Styles and Coldplay’s Chris Martin in the past, but she’s adamant that even if she was dating them it shouldn’t matter.
Asked about the constant speculation on her love life, she said: “They’re all bulls***! As soon as I broke up with my boyfriend [the model and chef, Isaac Carew], the second I was seen with someone it became a story. Even when I was with my boyfriend, Harry [Styles] and I just went out for lunch one day. And everyone was like, ‘They’re dating!’ Can everyone just f***ing chill? It’s kind of sexist.”
The full interview appears in this week’s issue of ES Magazine, Thursday November 2nd.

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