Carrie Underwood plans outfit changes ahead of the CMA Awards

ICONINSIDER — Carrie Underwood has had to plan her outfit changes ahead of the CMA Awards on Wednesday (08.11.17).
The 34-year-old singer is set to host the 51st Annual Country Music Association Awards tomorrow, which will take place at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, has admitted she has found some “great looks” for the bash, and she is desperately trying to plan when to wear each ensemble to make sure she has enough time to dress herself and make it back on stage to present.
Speaking to PEOPLE about her styling preparation ahead of the music extravaganza, the blonde-haired beauty said: “Looking through one of many racks in my dressing room backstage at Bridgestone Arena. Found some great looks for Wednesday night.
“When we get the running order of the show, we’re like, ‘Okay these are complicated so we’re going to need more time,’ so we try to just plan where things that might need a little more time get a little more time.”
However, the ‘Before He Cheats’ hitmaker has revealed not all of her garments are hard to get into as some clothes take her under five minutes to slip into.
She said: “And there are easy changes, like, ‘Oh, we have five minutes, that’s a lifetime in TV-quick-change world. We make the time count.”
Carrie has set the record for a rapid backstage change as in 2012 she managed to dress herself in “40 seconds”, but she has admitted in the dress rehearsal the make-over was more problematic.
She recalled: “That 40-second quick change we tried in rehearsal because it was such a fast change, and I run backstage and someone holds a sheet up and I busted a zipper in rehearsal. And everybody was worried I was not going to make it back out for the actual show and I was like, ‘It’s okay, we’ll fix the zipper.’ The zipper was one of those little hidden, flimsy plastic zippers. So they trusted me and we made it work. But during the entire run-through I had to hold the back of my dress shut.”

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