Camila Cabello couldn’t dance as a kid

ICONINSIDER — Camila Cabello couldn’t dance when she was younger.
The former Fifth Harmony star – who showed off her impressive salsa moves in her recent ‘Havana’ music video – admits she was never really a dancer growing up but says her music career has “pulled it out” of her.
She said: “To be honest, I never used to dance when I was little. I was super shy. I would cry at all the holiday parties when people started dancing, but music has pulled it out of me. My grandma, who is really proud, thought I was a lost cause [as far as dancing goes].”
And the 20-year-old singer wanted her music video to be like a “love letter” to her culture.
She added to People Chica: “‘Havana’ is like a love letter to my culture, to my heritage. It’s a mix of the kind of music that I listened to growing up around the house and the kind of music that I listen to now.”
It comes after Camila confessed she feels much more “comfortable in her skin” now she is older.
She shared: “I think as you grow, you start discovering more about yourself and getting more comfortable in your skin. And I think that’s made me feel like I don’t have to do as much anymore.
“I get to make all these decisions for myself, so I can just wear what I want to wear and I don’t have to wear a lot of makeup if I don’t want to. I guess I’m just more in tune with who I am and what I like and what I don’t – and I have the freedom to do it.”
And whilst she is thrilled with her success, she misses having a “normal social life experience”.
She explained: “This isn’t a 9-to-5 job. It’s not like we clock in and then we’re out, like we’re living together. I don’t have a normal social life experience. Like, I’m not going to school and then going to parties after and meeting people. At the same time, I still need to live life. I’m human and I need to hug people, I need to laugh with people, I need to cry with people. Like, I need that part.”

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