Biffy Clyro’s angry eighth album

ICONINSIDER — Biffy Clyro’s eighth album will be “infiltrated” by political anger.
The ‘Wolves of Winter’ rockers released their seventh venture ‘Ellipsis’ in 2016 and are now gearing up to head back into the studio once again, and frontman Simon Neil has said his anger toward the current political climate will no doubt make itself prominent in his writing, even if he doesn’t mean for it to be there at all.
When asked if there will be a political tone to their upcoming album, the 38-year-old musician said: “We won’t be addressing it directly but it will f***ing infiltrate.
“I have more anger in my belly than I’ve had for a while. Everything is being compromised and we need to stand for things so the valuable will be valuable, not fleetingly valuable like f***ing stock markets.
“That’s not going to save humanity.”
The ‘Mountains’ singer – who is joined in the band by brothers James and Ben Johnston – feels as though the world is “falling apart”, and thinks politics needs to “change” in order to make a difference.
He added: “It feels like the world is falling apart. I don’t f***ing get it. I think there is going to be an overhaul. Politics cannot exist the way it is going. It is a dead system. It needs to change.”
But Simon believes young people are the key to changing the world, as he says the internet has made them “more aware and enlightened” than ever before.
Speaking to the Metro newspaper, he said: “I feel really proud of the next generation. They are the first generation of people growing up that have always had the internet. They are going to have a conscience like we have never had. They are more aware and enlightened.”

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