Winona Ryder: Binge watching is dangerous

ICONINSIDER — Winona Ryder thinks binge-watching TV shows can be “dangerous”.
The 45-year-old actress’ Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ returned to the streaming service for its second season on Friday (27.10.17) and though the brunette beauty knows fans plan to cram in as many episodes as possible, and it’s something she often does herself, she wouldn’t recommend it as it so easy to lose “days”.
She said: “It is very dangerous binging. I am very guilty of it, but you know, you don’t move, you sit there and suddenly the days go by. But it is fun.”
While Winona enjoys binging her favourite shows, she still prefers going to the movies to watching TV.
She told ‘Entertainment Tonight: “I still prefer going to movie theatres. I am old-fashioned that way, but [binging] is definitely a fun way to experience a good show. Gotta be good though.”
But the brunette beauty will be watching ‘Stranger Things’ season two –
in which she reprises her role as Joyce Byers – herself, as she has no idea how things will pan out.
She admitted: “I am still sort of wondering what is going to happen. I haven’t seen the whole thing.”
Meanwhile, Winona can’t believe next year will mark 30 years since the release of ‘Beetlejuice’, in which she played Lydia, and admitted she’s open to the idea of appearing in the upcoming sequel.
She said: “30 years? Wow, that is crazy,” she said. “I have been used to saying 25 for a long time. Wow.
“I don’t know [if I’ll be in the sequel] It keeps coming up, and you know, we will see.”
And the actress finds it “surreal” that her 80s cult classic, ‘Heathers’, is being remade for TV.
She said: “It is an honour in a way, and it is strange, kind of surreal.”

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