Wiley: Real grime isn’t mainstream

ICONINSIDER — Wiley claims the sound currently enjoying chart success “is not grime”.
The 38-year-old star – who is often called the Godfather of Grime – believes that certain UK artists are wrongly being associated with the genre, even though he considers them to be more similar to pop acts.
He explained: “No-one’s had a grime number one. Any number one that anyone’s had, it’s pop music. England is built on pop music, that’s why the show was called ‘Top of the Pops’. It’s a strong pop market.”
Wiley – whose real name is Richard Cowie – insisted he doesn’t wish to detract from the recent success of acts like Stormzy and Skepta.
But he’s claimed that the sound he helped to create has been watered down over time in order to make it more radio-friendly.
The London rapper said: “Stormzy and Skepta have made it into something today that pays as well as pop does.”
Wiley also explained he doesn’t judge himself by chart success.
He told the BBC: “I haven’t had any glory. I’ve had a number one [single] but in my world going number one is like going number 200.”
Meanwhile, Wiley revealed he wants to end his long-running feud with fellow grime star Dizzee Rascal.
The former friends recently exchanged insults and threats on Twitter, but Wiley has claimed he’d be happy to sit down with Dizzee and resolve their differences at some stage.
He shared: “Stuff’s happened – there is no resentment. I don’t know [if we’ll talk again] but if there is a chance – I am not going to be the person that says, ‘No’. It’s boys being boys, or men. It’s just egos.”

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