Weezer to drop Black Album in May

ICONINSIDER — Weezer will release their 12th studio album in May.
The ‘Buddy Holly’ hitmakers – made up of Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Brian Bell and Scott Shriner – dropped their 11th record, ‘Pacific Daydream’, last week, and are wasting no time in getting their next LP, ‘The Black Album’, together for an early 2018 release.
Rivers said: “‘The Black Album’ is almost done, and hopefully it comes out in May but this one got finished first and it’s good, so we brought it out.”
Should Weezer’s next record drop in 2018 it will be three years in a row they’ve released an LP, and Rivers admitted he doesn’t like to wait around when an album is ready to go.
He added: “I like putting out music and I don’t like waiting around. I think I want to pick up the pace, actually. The slow part is finding the right producer, because that kind of locks you into a certain production sound and that’s a contentious part.
“Everyone has their idea of what Weezer should sound like. But the songwriting part is fun and easier.”
The US group’s self-titled first album, also known as ‘The Blue Album’, dropped in May 1994, and Rivers believes one of the reasons the group are still going strong is because they like to “constantly” change their sound.
Speaking to Dazed, he added: “I just like new music and I always listen to new music and it’s constantly influencing me. Then when I go to the studio, I get bored if it sounds like something we already did so I want to emulate the new sounds I’ve been hearing. I don’t know. Maybe that’s helped us seem relevant or interesting over the years, I’m not sure.
“Another factor is that the four of us want to be together. We all come from broken homes with not a lot of stability in our lives, so we just kind of stick to each other. When we’re together it’s like we have some kind of chemistry.”

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