Vogue Williams opens up about modelling struggles

ICONINSIDER — Vogue Williams was told to “lose weight” during her modelling career.
The 32-year-old Irish model has admitted she was urged to shed the pounds “a couple of times” during her career, and she wouldn’t get booked for certain modelling jobs because of her size, although she was adamant she was not going to change her appearance just to star in a campaign.
Speaking about the obstacles faced throughout her career, the blonde-haired beauty said: “In Ireland the modelling industry is less about being skinny. I’ve had agents tell me to lose weight a couple of times, but it’s not something I ever did. I am what I am and I don’t book certain jobs for that reason. I’d never change myself o my weight because someone else told me to.
“I was 17, but I think comments like that affect you at any age.”
And the ‘Bear Grylls: Mission Survive’ champion – who won the series in 2015 – has revealed she is still subjected to “fat shaming” and “skinny shaming” all the time, which she thinks is “disgusting”.
She said: “Even now. I can be fat shamed and skinny-shamed all in the same day. I don’t think it’s right that anyone should attack you so personally about your own body size or weight. It’s absolutely disgusting.”
Vogue – who is currently dating former ‘Made In Chelsea’ star Spencer Matthews – has revealed she “once” tried going on a juice diet, but she “couldn’t stand” forsaking her meals because she has an “obsession” with food.
She explained to OK! magazine: “I did a juice diet once but I only lasted until lunchtime. I couldn’t stand it” I have an obsession with food and i couldn’t bear not having the food I wanted. The only sort of crash diet I’ve ever been on was when I did ‘Bear Grylls: Mission Survive’, but that wasn’t an intentional one. I didn’t eat properly for 12 days and I lost a stone and a half, but within two weeks I’d put it all back on again. Dieting just doesn’t work.”

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