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ICONINSIDER — Thom Browne’s fashion inspiration is “very sophomoric”.
The American designer – who launched his eponymous label in 2001 – has admitted his creations are often based on the younger generation, and are not “as intellectual” as people would think they would be.
Speaking to, the creative mastermind said: “For me, some of my inspirations are very sophomoric, and are not as intellectual as people think they are. The idea of this show is the very simple idea of two little girls dreaming: it’s what I thought of when I would think of two little girls dreaming. It was true fantasy, including unicorns, and mermaids, so it was a very charming kid’s story.”
Although the mogul’s latest creations are based around a fantastical theme, he has admitted he is “very serious” about his garments.
He said: “The clothing is not a joke. I am very serious about how the clothes are made, and the quality of what people see. Because I think that’s more of the fashion.”
Thom believes a fashion show should be creative and “tell a story”.
He explained: “I feel the shows should be conceptual. They should tell a story, and they should make the more plastic things that you do seem more interesting.”
Thom – who was awarded the CFDA’s Menswear Designer of the Year prize for three years – has only recently moved his womenswear line to Paris because there is more interest in his designs.
Speaking about the recent move, he said: “I have a strong and classic part of what I do.
“It wasn’t really about wanting to leave New York per se. It does seem that there’s a bigger audience. And also an audience that appreciates more of the conceptual side of what I do.”
“The simple idea–not simple in actualising it–but the simple idea of taking my classic American fabrics and redeveloping it all in a fabric that I thought was very French, which was the tulle. And then also utilising tulle in a way that I don’t think is used very much, in a very tailored way.”

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