The X Factor’s Sam Black loses voice

ICONINSIDER — The X Factor’s Sam Black has lost his voice.
The 20-year-old wannabe singer was given a second chance when he was chosen to replace Anthony Russell after he was kicked off the show after failing a drugs test, but it looks like his chances of succeeding in the competition may have been shattered as his vocals have been breaking since rehearsals at the beginning of the week and he doesn’t know if it’ll hold up when he performs this weekend.
Speaking to The Sun Online, he said: “I’m not used to singing all the time and I think I’ve done too much practice. I’m really nervous about it, I wasn’t too worried on Wednesday night but yesterday morning I was working with the vocal coach and it went completely. I was really shocked, I didn’t think it was that bad. I’m just gonna do my best and have lots of hot lemon and honey.”
However, Sam – who hit the headlines when he proposed to his girlfriend on stage after he failed to make it through to bootcamp – may be in luck as his category – The Boys, mentored by Louis Walsh – aren’t performing until the Sunday (29.10.17).
He explained: “I think that’ll help [not performing until the Sunday night].
“I just need to make sure I don’t do too much talking. I am quite nervous, I’ve never really done gigs before and it’s live as well so if my voice goes the whole nation sees it. I’m sure it’ll be alright on the night but I am nervous.”
Sam couldn’t believe his luck when he found out that bosses decided to replace Anthony – who was nicknamed ‘Skippy’ – with him because they believe he stood out – even though he didn’t even make it to the Six Chair Challenge.

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