Taika Waititi explains the challenge of making a Hollywood blockbuster

ICONINSIDER — Taika Waititi initially found making a blockbuster Hollywood movie to be an intimidating challenge.
The 42-year-old director earned his reputation making small budget movies – but the landscape changed for Taika when he was offered the chance to helm ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and the dynamics of his job also shifted.
Reflecting on the differences between big and small budget films, the director explained: “I enjoyed giving up a bit of control because it meant I could concentrate on other things. Usually, on my smaller films, I’m doing everything, like carrying trays of food around for people.
“No matter what film you make, it’s all exhausting but on this one, it was nice to have someone else writing, someone else doing the organisation so I could focus on what I’m shooting, the jokes and what we’re doing with the actors. It was a really freeing experience, actually.”
Despite his lack of experience with big-budget movies, Taika was confident that his sense of humour would easily transfer to mainstream cinema.
And Taika believes there are plenty of moviegoers who share his outlook on the world.
The filmmaker – was nominated for an Academy Award for his 2004 short film ‘Two Cars, One Night’ – told News.com.au: “I feel like I know what is funny. And there are definitely people out there like me who think the same way.
“With the story, I would suggest things or throw ideas in that I would like to have seen in the film.”

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