Suranne Jones bemoans binge-watching

ICONINSIDER — Suranne Jones thinks it’s “important” to enjoy television “the old-fashioned way”.
The 39-year-old actress won a BAFTA TV award for Best Actress in 2016 for her role as the titular medical professional in BBC drama ‘Doctor Foster’ – which recently concluded its second series – and thinks the show’s success was aided by the fact that viewers were unable to “binge-watch” it, and had to consume one episode a week.
She told The Sun newspaper: “I’m really proud of the show and people’s reaction to it. Everyone feels a connection to it because it’s not binge-watched. It’s on once a week and you have a week to talk about it. I think that created a community and I loved that. I think it’s important that we watch television in an old-fashioned way.”
Suranne also teased to the publication that whilst there are “no plans yet” for a third series of the hit drama – which follows Doctor Gemma Foster as she struggles to deal with a betrayal in her personal life – she would be happy to reprise her role if writer Mike Bartlett “comes up with another story”.
Meanwhile, despite bemoaning binge-watching, Suranne recently claimed it is currently an “amazing time” to be a television actress, as there are more strong parts for women compared to when she started appearing in detective show ‘Scott & Bailey’ in 2008.
She said: “It’s an amazing time for television, [and] the parts for women my age are great. When we used to promote ‘Scott & Bailey’, series one and two, people were saying, ‘So, this is about two female detectives?’ You would never say, ‘Ah, so this is about two male detectives?’
“It’s outrageous that people said that six years ago. But not one person ever said to me about ‘Doctor Foster’, ‘So, this is about a female doctor?'”

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