Sixx:A.M. on break

ICONINSIDER — Nikki Sixx is putting his band Sixx:A.M. on the back burner.
The former Motley Crue bassist plans on focusing on his television career for the foreseeable future, which is why he has decided to take a break from the heavy metal group and end his radio series ‘Sixx Sense’.
His final episode of the show will be broadcast on iHeartRadio on December 31.
The ‘Girls Girls Girls’ rocker felt inspired to progress his TV skills after his former bandmate Vince Neil – Motley Crue’s frontman – told him how funny he was when he chatted between songs on stage.
Speaking in an interview with comedian Dean Delray, Nikki said: “I’m gonna be leaving radio. I’ve been doing it for eight years, and I love ‘Sixx Sense’, but I’m gonna be leaving it and I’m gonna start focusing on television and programming.”
Nikki continued: “I’m working on developing some TV shows right now. And maybe doing a one-man kind of tour.
“It’s something I’d be interested in doing. I got a little taste of that … Vince would ask me to go on stage and say a few words during the show to give him a rest or to get some water or something, and it turned into being, like, 15 minutes.
“And I’d be, like, ‘I hate this,’ and the guys in Motley were, like, ‘Man, the fans love it.’ And I started thinking, maybe this is something I can go out and… not like stand-up, ’cause I don’t think it’d be comedy, but it would be like talking about my life [with] a lot of funny stories.”
As for what the future holds for the ‘Life Is Beautiful’ trio, the 58-year-old star said guitarist DJ and singer James are also working on their own personal projects, so they won’t be performing together anytime soon.
He said: “[There are] no tour plans for SIXX:A.M.
“James [Michael] and DJ [Ashba] and me talked at the beginning of this year, and I think that the idea of SIXX:A.M. being a side project has been just the way it’s been, and we went out and started focusing on it being a main project.
And I think DJ has a bunch of stuff he wants to do musically, and he has this media company that he focuses on that he does really good at. And James is a producer and a songwriter.
“Right now is the first time where I’m actually not in a band, and I’m not gonna have radio, and as of January 1st, I don’t have a job.
“Like, what’s gonna happen with this brain with all that free time?”

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