Sharon Osbourne wouldn’t sweat on Strictly

ICONINSIDER — Sharon Osbourne would never take part in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ because she doesn’t want to sweat on TV.
The ‘X Factor’ judge – whose children Kelly and Jack Osbourne have both competed on the US version, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ – insists she has never been tempted by the talent show’s BBC rival because she would “die” worrying about her personal hygiene instead of focusing on the dance or her partner.
Asked if she’d consider ‘Strictly’, she said: I don’t like to perspire and you sweat doing that.
“I can’t be doing with all that. My armpits would be all moist. I couldn’t take it! All that throwing you around every night. I’m not bothered about the hunky men, I’d be going ‘Does my breath stink? Do my armpits? I would die doing it!”
Instead, the 65-year-old star has already signed up for next year’s ‘X Factor’ and she admits it was a very easy decision to make.
She told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “I love the show so I wanted to stay. The industry is all I know. I’m a sad old fart! I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”
Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell are also signed up to return, and Sharon is hoping Nicole Scherzinger will also agree to stay, despite speculation Cheryl Tweedy is set to make a comeback in place of the ‘Poison’ hitmaker.
She said: “I would love to see Nicole stay because she’s my friend. You want your buddies with you, don’t you?
“It’s not I don’t want to work with Cheryl, she’s great. But Nicole and I have been friends a long time. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”
This year Sharon – who also has daughter Aimee with husband Ozzy Osbourne – is mentoring the Girls category, and she’s told her contestants to stay away from social media because it is so unreliable.
She explained: “I tell them all not to look at social media.
“People think it’s a good indication of what is out there, but it isn’t. You get a few nutters out there. One half tell you you’re fabulous and the other hate you. It’s not a good indicator.”

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