Riccardo Tisci wants own biopic

ICONINSIDER — Riccardo Tisci wants a film to be made about him.
The 43-year-old fashion designer – who was the former creative director of Givenchy for over one decade – feels “blessed” to have a successful career, and he has admitted he is often approached by film directors who want to depict his life journey in a movie.
Speaking to Highsnobiety.com, the creative mastermind said: “I’m blessed because I think God gave me this dream. Sometimes I have a friend, a director and they’re like ‘Oh, let’s make a movie of your life’ and one day I probably will do it because I’m so lucky in my life that I really believe somebody does help me from another planet. I’m so happy and I’m so blessed. So, I never forget where I came from and I need to go back there and I need to talk to these people.”
The mogul – who has also worked with Nike for almost 10 years – has revealed he is taking a “break” from the fashion business because he feels he needs to take “two minutes to stop” and “reinvent” himself as he hasn’t taken a breather since he started his career aged 10 years old.
He explained: “This is why I’m taking my break. I achieved a lot already. You know, when you run, run, run, run, you need two minutes to stop.
“People say ‘Oh, you took a sabbatical because you were totally overworking.’ No, no, no. I started working when I was ten. So it’s 33 years. I never stopped for a second in my life and when you are a creative person it’s rare that you look up and say ‘Oh my God I’m so proud’. You always want to change something because you know, things change, emotions change, you grow up.
“So, what I really am so proud of is after 15 years of my career, I can be able to talk to a woman, she could be 70, very classic, elegant and chic, and also talk to young kids from Harlem and from the Bronx. That really for me is the biggest dream I could have. I’m still the same Ricky that I used to be 15 years ago. I didn’t change, my life’s changed and of course I’m glad, but I want to talk to the younger generation. I’m 43 and I’m trying to think how kids and young generations think.
“You know, what do humans needs in their life? What I’m thinking at the moment is that I’m going to take care of myself and then reinvent myself.”

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