Pixie Lott to get married next September

ICONINSIDER — Pixie Lott has chosen a date for her wedding.
The 26-year-old singer has been engaged to her fiancé Oliver Cheshire, 29, for almost a year now and has made no secret of the fact the preparations for their big day have taken a back seat over the past 12 months, but the blonde beauty has revealed she and her beau have finally decided to get hitched next September in the countryside.
Speaking to New! magazine, she said: “It’s next September and we’ve been really busy so we need to get round to sorting it out. I’m also really unorganised and currently looking for a house. I’d like to have a big wedding in England, so I can invite all my friends and family, celebrate and have lots of fun.”
And it’s not just the wedding the ‘All About Tonight’ hitmaker is busy organising as she’s also trying to find a new house so that she’s closer to her family in Essex.
She explained: “We live together now, but in a really small flat I’ve had since I was 18. It’s time to get some more space for all my junk!
“My family live in the Essex countryside so I’m looking there.”
And a bigger house will come in handy when the couple decide to have a family of their own – although Pixie doesn’t want to start trying for a baby until after they’ve got hitched.
She said: “I’ve got a really close family so I’d love to have children one day, but at the moment we haven’t got round to planning the wedding! We’ve got to get that done first.”
Meanwhile, Pixie is hoping to persuade Danny Jones to sing at her wedding after they hit it off while shooting ‘The Voice Kids’, in which they were both judges, this year.
She said recently: “I’m hoping he does it, he has said it a couple of times. I was hoping he wasn’t just saying that in interviews and won’t actually deliver. Make sure you print it. I would love him as the wedding entertainment.”

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