Nicole Kidman: My husband calls me a tortoise

ICONINSIDER — Nicole Kidman’s husband likens her to a “tortoise” as she takes it “slow and steady” with her career.
The ‘Lion’ star has revealed her spouse Keith Urban has likened her to the land animal in ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ as she is taking her time to build up her Hollywood career with much success.
She said: “[Keith] calls me the tortoise from [the book] The Tortoise and the Hare. He goes, ‘You do your own thing and eventually people understand you. That’s your journey, I think. You know you and you know your nature [but] people are starting to know you now.’
“I’m like, ‘I don’t know if I want to be a tortoise!’ but it’s a compliment. It’s taken a really long time, I’m not bounding out of here. But slow and steady, I suppose. And I hope I get to keep going.’ Jessica Tandy was on stage winning an Academy Award at 80, which is just awesome.”
And the 50-year-old actress loves what she does and wants to teach her daughters – Sunday, nine, and Faith, six – the importance of always choosing something that they like doing.
She added: “I love what I do, it’s that simple, and so I supposed I just stay committed to that, which is what I try to teach my girls: Sometimes things will work out and you’ll shine for a moment and sometimes they won’t but that slow and steady is a good way to approach life.”
Meanwhile, Nicole previously revealed she is “embracing” turning 50-years-old.
She shared: “I’m absolutely embracing it. I try to embrace all parts of my life now because I think you just go ‘wow. I’m so lucky, so blessed … “I’m turning 50 this year and I’ve never had more work than right now. And that’s partly because I work in television, I can work on films that are made to be shown on a small screen and I can work on films shown on a big screen. As an actor I get to work in all of the mediums.”

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