Mollie King finds dancing provocatively on TV ’embarrassing’

ICONINSIDER — Mollie King feels “embarrassed” dancing provocatively on television.
The 30-year-old singer has teamed up with dance professional AJ Pritchard on this year’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, and though the blonde beauty thought she would be well “suited” to Latin dances, she doesn’t feel as comfortable as she first thought she would, and she has admitted she finds it “really awkward” when she has to get close and intimate with AJ in a dance routine when their parents are watching.
Speaking to the Mail Online, the ‘Hair Down’ hitmaker said: “I remember thinking, ‘I’ve never done this before’. It was terrifying. I thought I’d be suited to the Latin dances with those loose movements, but actually I’m more comfortable in ones like the waltz where I’m in AJ’s arms, where he’s got me rather than me shaking it on my own. It’s like a security blanket, I guess.
“Now that is really awkward. I mean, you’re so close your bodies are touching and oh my goodness it’s a strange feeling. It was a bit ‘you are invading my body space’ at first, but the thing is it’s all so normal for AJ. He was saying things like, ‘Pull your face into me and look passionate’ and I was saying ‘AJ, your mum’s going to be in the audience’. I found it all so embarrassing.”
And the The Saturdays band member – who was in the group alongside Vanessa White, Rochelle Humes, Frankie Bridge and Una Healy – was “surprised” by how “difficult” she found learning the salsa.
She explained: “On the week we did the salsa, I was surprised at how difficult I found it. I thought, ‘Oh the salsa. That’s just how I dance with my girlfriends’, but no way.”
However, Mollie is enjoying her dance rehearsals and spending time with the 22-year-old dancer because he never fails to make her giggle, and she always wanted to quiz him on his flawless complexion.
Speaking about the expert, she said: “He doesn’t seem younger than me. He’s quite mature. He wonderful skin. It makes me want to ask him what products he uses.”
Asked if a potential romance is blossoming between them she said: “It’s not like that.”

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