Liam Gallagher slates Noel’s new dance track

ICONINSIDER — Liam Gallagher has slated his brother Noel Gallagher’s newest single ‘Fort Knox’ – comparing it to a Christina Aguilera pop track.
The ‘Wall of Glass’ singer – whose debut solo album ‘As You Were’ recently topped the UK album charts – has had the chance to hear the song his older sibling has made with producer David Holmes and he is very underwhelmed by the dance track which is mostly instrumental with very few lyrics, which is the second track unveiled from the ‘Who Built The Moon?’ album.
Taking to Twitter, he posted: “This 1 sounds like Christina Aguilera riveting lyrics as you were LG x (sic)”
It comes after the 45-year-old singer made his feelings clear regarding Noel’s recent track ‘Holy Mountain’, claiming his former Oasis bandmate didn’t have the imagination to make a psychedelic album, which he has been talking up in recent weeks.
Asked his opinion on the song, he told Vulture: “Obviously you know what I’m going to say, but it’s not for me. Musically, I find it a bit annoying. I think there are too many notes in it, and it’s just a bit not risky. It’s not for me.”
The feeling seems mutual, with Noel recently hitting out at his brother’s chart-topping album, saying he wouldn’t listen to it because he wouldn’t “learn anything” from the LP as he has collaborated with other songwriters.
Despite his lack of interest in Noel’s new track, Liam is in a celebratory mood after his massive outdoor Finsbury Park show scheduled to take place in London on June 29, 2018 sold out in under five minutes on Friday morning (27.10.17).
The concert – which will feature of host of other acts across two stages – follows his sold-out UK arena tour.
In a series of tweets after the event sold out, Liam wrote: “Under dreaming spires to Finsbury Park that’s where I’ll be as you were LG x
“WOW massive THANKYOU seriously blown away by all your support this is gonna be BIBLICAL as you were LG x”

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