Liam Gallagher doesn’t know meaning to Oasis hits

ICONINSIDER — Liam Gallagher doesn’t know the meaning behind Oasis’ biggest hits.
The 45-year-old rock legend is in the dark about what the lyrics refer to in many of the tracks penned by his older brother and former bandmate Noel Gallagher, who quit the band in 2009.
And it’s not just his sibling’s songs that he struggles to decipher as he isn’t even sure what some of his solo efforts such as ‘Bold’ from his hit album ‘As You Were’ are talking about.
Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, he said: “I certainly don’t know what half of them mean. ‘Supersonic’? I don’t know what that means. ‘Champagne Supernova’? I don’t know what a lot of stuff that means. I don’t even know what ‘Bold’ means!
“I can sing anything and it’ll mean something because of the way I sing it. I sing it with passion and that means something. When I look at the lyrics I don’t go, ‘What’s this about?’ ”
Despite not quite understanding the lyrics to all of the band’s big hits Liam had no problem turning up to the studio to do his part, and give someone control over the songwriting because Noel, 50, always wrote the majority of Oasis’ tracks.
His attitude meant he had no problem working with co-writers Andrew Wyatt, Greg Kurstin, Simon Jons and Michael Tighe on his first solo LP.
He explained: “I didn’t ask Andrew Wyatt or those other guys, ‘What’s all this about?’ I just got on with it and sang it and it kind of means things, you know what I mean?”
“In Oasis, Noel would do most of the writing. It wasn’t always about me, so I’m quite easy about handing over the baton to people to help make a record.”
Liam – who did pen several songs in Oasis including hit singles ‘Songbird’ and ‘I’m Outta Time’ – enjoys penning songs but he readily accepts he’s not a prolific writer, and has to rely on moments of inspiration to create his music.
He said: “I don’t cast myself as a songwriter, I cast myself as a singer more than anything else. As long as there’s people out there willing to work with me and write me a few tunes, I’m alright. I do enjoy writing songs, but I don’t sit there and have sleepless nights like some songwriters who think, ‘Oh, what if I never write a song again?’ That doesn’t happen to me.”

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